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Motherhood and Daughterhood

Motherhood is listening. “Hold on one second. I’m stepping outside.” Unsure whether my teenage son could even hear me, I stepped out of my shared office. Switching quickly from professional- to mom-brain (Who am I kidding? My mom-brain has been on since I learned I was pregnant.), I searched for some place offering a stronger cell signal and a bit of privacy. I then did something I wish I could say I’ve always done: I listened. With great intention I created space for my son to unload the hard emotions he’d been carrying on his own, and I bit my tongue to avoid filling that space with my opinions and solutions. I made sure he knew my love for him would not change, regardless of what he said. And I measured carefully my words and tone, hoping they conveyed the message that I would always be a safe place for him to share anything on his mind. Above all, I assured him he was not alone, that together we would shoulder this burden—even if my presence and love were all I could contribute.

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