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Scripture Reflections: A New Thing

My Bible was open on my lap the first time I heard Jesus say my name. No, it wasn't an audible voice; I heard it in the quiet recesses of my heart. This encounter with Jesus changed me forever, and looking back, I realize it also revealed a simple but profound truth: God wants to speak to me. And He wants me to hear Him. If you’re reading these words, He wants the same for you. But how do we begin? And how do we differentiate His Voice from our own or that of the world? Well … how do we recognize anyone’s voice? My name is Jennifer. It was the single most popular girl name in the 1970s. Growing up I quickly learned that turning around each time I heard it would leave me dizzy. But if my mom or dad called it, I had better respond! Knowing when to acknowledge someone calling my name required that I not only hear others speak, but also identify the speaker—even when I couldn’t see who was speaking. Of course, no one intentionally memorizes the sound of their parents’ voices; we learn

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