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The Blessing of a Memorized Verse

I reread the verse now jumping off the page of my open Bible and cringed as a recent conversation with my sister ran through my mind. I had recently stepped away from the busyness of life and spent several days soaking in the peace and quiet of God’s creation. I’d been surrounded by others who clearly loved the Lord. And while there, God once again revealed to me just how personal His Love is. The weekend was an absolute blessing, and I was so grateful for it. Unfortunately I suspect anyone listening to my recent phone call with my sister likely had a different impression. Reading this verse again, I was deeply convicted as I recalled my critical comments and the way I’d judged others whom I barely knew. So much of what I’d said had been rooted in pride, self-righteous and unkind. My words had been a disgrace. No wonder this verse was calling my name... When pride comes, then comes disgrace;  but with the humble is wisdom. Proverbs 11:2 (RSV) As I sat there, shaking my head with shame,

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