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In only two minutes...

  I stood in the middle of his living room, a drink in my hand and several colleagues by my side. I intended only to say a quick hello and thank him for hosting the party, but I was soon surrounded by the friendly chatter of coworkers long separated by a world pandemic and changing job roles. And then, as a lull in the small talk nearly convinced me the conversation was over, a statement I hadn’t anticipated was thrown my way: “Jen, I didn’t realize you had such a strong faith.” A statement somehow bigger than the casual conversation it followed. A statement seemingly more personal than this group setting allowed. Was this a mere observation? Or was it more? Could this comment possibly veil a heart that was quietly restless? There had been a time when I saw this colleague regularly. But over the last couple years we’ve seen each other’s social media posts more than each other. In fact, it is my own social media posts that likely led to his statement, because following my faith reversio

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