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The Gift Of Creativity: Oh! What a Feeling!

_________ No time to read? Grab your earbuds & click below. (Or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!) My story—in my own voice! _________ Joy sparked by creativity. Reminding myself this decision could be temporary, I sighed and clicked the button to close my Etsy shop. For 10 years I had been designing and selling stationary and invitations, an endeavor that grew from a digital scrapbooking hobby and somehow morphed when I began creating invitations for my children’s birthdays. In time I started making invitations for others, and before I knew it, my personal hobby had blossomed into a full side business. Looking back at my life and hectic schedule during that time, it seems crazy that I kept it up as long as I did. I worked more than full time and had two young children, but somehow, every minute spent designing those invitations was worth it. When the demands of daily life drained me, flexing my creative muscles filled me. And during a period when I felt particularly uns

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