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Little: A reflection on my 2022 Word for the Year

Have you ever selected a word for the year? I’m not sure how this trendy practice began, but I think for many it has replaced the more traditional New Year’s resolution. Instead of setting a goal or adopting a lifestyle change for the year, you select a word to reflect upon or one you’d like to guide your priorities and motivate your choices over the coming twelve months. I first declared a word for my year in 2021 after repeatedly encountering the word Peace while many others were announcing their own word choices. Since God speaks to me in patterns, and I now know He is behind everything I once considered a coincidence, I knew God was inviting me to explore this word with Him. During the next 12 months God did not disappoint. He revealed much about this word, this fruit of the Spirit, this state of the heart. As 2021 came to a close, I sensed a new word, Little , was chasing me, so I declared it as my word for 2022 and spent the next twelve months discovering this word and topic wi

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