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The Long Road: My Journey to the Eucharist

“We’re planning to meet every 3 weeks to discuss the book,” she said. “Would you like to join us?” I glanced at the book in my hands before looking up and smiling. “I’d love to!” What was I doing?! I’d just met this woman, and my schedule was beyond full. But those details didn’t matter. For reasons I could not explain, I felt like a schoolgirl invited into the club she’d always wanted to join—even though I hadn’t known the club existed. In no time these meetings became a high point of my week. Any stress they brought to my schedule was far surpassed by the peace and life they poured into my soul. And after several months I finally came to understand that my new book club was actually a Bible Study. It would take even longer, though, for me to discover this wasn’t the first time Jesus had humbled and hidden Himself simply to be with me. *** “You’re not paying attention. Sit down and wait here.” My mother’s words were stern, and I sat down quickly, looking away to hide my tears. We were

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