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The Thin Line

Recently, while out of town, my regular morning prayer routine was altered, and the stress of life seemed to weigh more heavily on my soul. A voice in my head whispered that a specific situation was hopeless, and I could feel a tugging, threatening to pull me under. For an entire day I saw only the hopelessness, my inabilities, and all my limitations. And for an entire day I felt the heaviness. But by the grace of God, the next morning I discovered a beautiful Catholic Church directly across the street from the conference I was attending. Spending my lunch and conference break in that church later that day was the best decision I could have made. And walking out of that church 35 minutes later I had both a renewed sense of Peace and the beginning verse of this poem... The Thin Line I think sometimes There’s a very thin line Between helplessness and despair. On the helpless side: I am quick to describe All that I cannot do. But the Lord helps me see It’s my inability That leads to His p

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