Let's read the Book of Romans together!

Did you know that I host a 
on my Facebook page?

While I do NOT pretend to be a Bible scholar, I do know His Word comes alive when I read it. And I believe strongly that when we read together, and share with one another, it will come alive even more! I also believe that reading a full book of the Bible, from beginning to end, often offers so much more than reading only a few verses, as it reveals a much broader and fuller picture. 

So if you're at all interested, come check it out. The group offers a plan ... but no pressure!


On Sunday April 25th, we'll start the Book of Romans:

  • Each week I'll post a link to a scripture passage from the Book of Romans
  • Read on your own time.
  • At any time during the week feel free to share any words that strike you, verses that grab you, thoughts or messages He reveals, or an overall reflection. (Or not! No pressure! If you'd rather just read what others post, that's fine too!!)
  • Slowly, week by week, we'll read through the entire Book of Romans

It's a private group, so you must join by clicking here.

Whether you read the Bible regularly and are looking for a different approach, or if you've never opened the Bible before - this group is for you!

One week at a time, we'll hear from the Lord both through His Word, and through each other.


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