The Piece He Wants

A piece of my heart is wounded, 
trampled on by life. 
On wings of Love it once did soar, 
now grounded beneath the weight of the world.

A strong wall I’ve built around this piece; 
instinctively I protect it. 
Yet a dark, lonely corner is where it sits, 
as I try each day to forget it.

But now I sense Your presence, 
and I hear You call my name. 
You stand before me, arm outstretched. 
Within Your eyes an unspoken request.

My whole heart is what You’re after; 
I’ve known this all along. 
But the pieces I show the world won’t do; 
You want the hidden pieces, too.

Your posture is unhurried; 
with patience You’ll wait for my yes
You hope only to draw me closer, 
an invitation within Your request.

They say You never ask for anything 
while extending an empty hand. 
Yet still, I fear the emptiness 
of giving You all I have.

This wounded piece—I do not want it. 
But how do I give it away? 
I can not do it on my own
so I'll continue to pray....

Help me pick up the piece I’d rather forget. 
Help me trust You with the wound I want to protect.
Help me gently place it into Your hands. 
And fill the hole in my chest with Your love instead.

Come speak truth to the lies 
I've believed for so long.
Let your Love heal my wounds.
Let my heart be restored.


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